Thu 11 Feb 2016 23:00

After selling this out across the country we are bringing The Original BEYONCE SPECIAL to Bournemouth. It is a well known fact amongst women of earth that Beyonce is God. Not only is she God, she is Jesus, the Disciples, the Angel Gabrielle, in fact she's anyone she damn well pleases to be. To celebrate this fact, we thought it was sensible to pay tribute to the glorious leader and overlady of all female kind, Beyonce.

Expect strictly Beyonce and Destiny's Child on the jukebox 12-2am.

Extra's to include:

- Elevator kickboxing with SOLANGE KNOWLES
- Booty enhancement charity on call
- Someone hopefully putting a ring on it
- Halo's
- Beyonce Masks
- Wild Beyonce visuals

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